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Incentives and Bonuses

Being a Gorilla Technician you have two basic forms of incentive / Bonus pay structure. Below is a explanation of how they work and what is required. Many more will be added as our company grows and we are open to suggestion.

Five Star Reward System

The Idea behind the 'five star reward system' Is to reward quality and hard work. Being compensated for extra details and customer satisfaction is an absolute must for our organization. 

Quarterly Bonuses

We Offer Quarterly Bonuses that increase within the years of being employed with our company. 

Commission Add On

We offer a commission add on to every team member who are motivated to earn extra by getting a percentages of the job that they for our organization.


Learn sale skills and how to cold knock on doors.


Knock on neighbors doors to see if interested in our services.




We will send a estimate to the client who referred you.


If estimate is accepted your team will gain 10% Commission on that job.


Ask them to refer your team when they send us a estimate request.

All commissions are added and paid out at the end of the month.

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