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Equipment Cleanliness

Our equipment is very important for growing our business. Keeping everything clean and in check is very important so that the equipment can last as long as possible.


Keeping The Trailer Clean

The trailer is where all your equipment will be stored at the end of the day. If the trailer is a mess and everything is on the floor it will be tougher to be efficient during the day and causes loss of tools and damage to equipment. We have hooks and spaces to put and tie down stuff in the trailer to keep it clean. We are open to any add ons to make to make your life easier that we could set up in the trailer.

Keeping The Truck Clean

Keeping the interior of the truck clean is very important for the longevity of the interior of the truck. During the week we need to keep it somewhat clean. Friday will always be a shorter day with the goal of cleaning everything trailer, inside the truck and making sure that everything is prepared and ready for monday morning. 

Cleaning the truck.jpg
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