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Five Star Quarterly Bonus System 

Below will be a explanation of our reward system. It is very straight forward. This system is designed to reward hard work and also good work! Make sure to check it out thoroughly! 

How it Works: 


  1. The way this system works is very simple. Every three months you will get your quarterly bonus. The amount of the bonus will be based on a percentage of your monthly salary for the 3rd month alone.

  2. To receive these bonuses every three months there is only one criteria hence the name “the 5 star system”.

  3. You and your partner in the truck in other words your (team) will have to earn a set amount of five star reviews to earn the bonus.

  4. The higher amount of five star review’s that you bring the higher the percentage will be for the 3rd month’s salary.

{3rd month salary}                   {5 star reviews}                    {Percentage}                       {Total Bonus} 

         2500$                                      10                                       5%                                     125$ 

2500$                                      15                                       8%                                     200$ 

2500$                                      20                                       12%                                   300$ 

2500$                                      25                                       16%                                    400$ 

As you saw we are rewarding better work & better service you give to our clients because that is our number 1 priority as a growing company. After every job ask the customer to give you a review on google tell them about our program in no time you’ll meet the top percentage! As you gain more experience and knowledge we will compensate you more per month increasing the quarterly bonus as you move with us in the coming years.  We want you to enjoy the work and take pride in a job well done in good time! We definitely take notice of that stuff! Thanks for looking into this system & enjoy the rest of the training!

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