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Anchoring on a roof

Just a small explanation of how to tie off on a roof if needed. There will be a video about this subject in the video section.


Harness / Rope 

a basic set up harness on the left is generally what you'll see in a safety kit. The harness goes above shoulders, chest strap and two wholes to put legs in. Behind the harness you have a circle to attach the smaller rope with the impact pack and the rope on that smaller rope harness. You're longer rope will attach on your roof anchor and you can control the give you have with the metal clamp on your longer rope.

Attaching Roof Anchor

On the right you will see a roof anchor. To set this up, you need to go at the very top of the roof on the roof peak. For safety put on three construction screws each side of the anchor in the shape of a triangle for it to be fully secured. Once Secured attach the hook from your long rope onto the hook to secure it. 

Roof Anchor Drill.jpg
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