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Holiday Lights 

Holiday lights is a brand new service that we offer! Every house is custom cut for the design. You Will be placing them in the months of late october and november and taking them back down in the new year. 

Holiday Lights.jpeg


Holiday Lights is a brand new service that we started one year ago to keep us busy in the season gap when the cold starts! There will be no questions on the questionnaire about this service. We made this section just to mention it to you and tell you a bit about it! All the materials are custom cut to the house. You can make female plugs and male plugs any where you like and hide the wires as best as you can to do a clean finish. You will be taking them down after Christmas and noting down on a iPad and putting numbered ribbons and colored ribbons to make sure we can place them the same way next year. This will require a more on site training but is relatively easy!


You will be placing many different style of colors and types of bulbs. We will put a good description for you to follow so you know the color patterns and if it's strawberry bulbs or globe bulbs! You will be placing them on the gutters and also roof peaks as show on the photo. We have custom multi use clips to make it easier to hang them! This was a small introduction and we'll train once we get to the end of the season! 

Christmas lights 3.webp
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