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Window Cleaning

Cleaning Windows is a fun and simple service! You will do one after every house wash and also monthly contracts with businesses! 



  1. You attach the water hose to our water purifier then your water fed pole is connected on the other side of the purifier so that all water that passes through is at 0 ppm.

  2. We have a water tester in some areas water is harsher if you test the water and if it is above 15 ppm change the filtration in the machine because it will leave streaks on the window’s.

  3. Also before you start to clean the windows we have a separate brush just for cleaning windows. We do this because the main brush will be full of our cleaning solution!

  4. Simply brush the window gently and rinse with water making sure nothing is left on.


You will be doing a lot of window cleans throughout the summer and usually stop closer to November depending on cold weather! Our water fed poles can stretch up to 4 stories! We have window cleaning contracts with various appartements and businesses.

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