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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning is a unique service that we offer! 



Overtime roofs get dirtier when the sun doesn’t shine on it or if there are loads of trees around black stains will appear and heavy moss will start to grow on the shingle eating away and damaging them. The only thing you need to do is spray the chemical on the roof load it needs a lot of it if it’s full of moss.! You will see that the moss will go from green to white this means the moss is dead. If you can take solid brushes and brush off the big pieces and clean up what falls on the ground. And that’s it mother nature does the rest with the rain it will slowly run off and the black streaks will disappear.


I recommend for you to go do your own research on roof cleaning on YouTube. There are a lot of great example’s out there just to give you the visual feel of the process. Keep in mind we do not pressure wash the shingles unlike some people on YouTube. The customer knows this already before you show up there! Take your time and have fun! This Service will be easier for you to learn when doing it yourself on the job site!

Before and After Roof Cleaning by Klaus Larsen Roofing.jpg
roof-cleaning gorilla.jpg


Note*: We use the same chemical for cleaning a house while we our cleaning roofs! We just use a more concentrated dilution of (SH 12%).

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