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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal is a very easy service it's all about letting the chemical do the work!



  1. You want to use the graffiti remover apply it all over the graffiti and brush it a bit to mix it in. Wait 5 minutes then repeat the process and then wait another 5 minutes and apply the next layer. You will repeat this step three time giving the chemical 15 minutes to work.

  2. You simply put the pressure washer to 4000 psi and you pressure wash it off. Making sure you don’t leave any lines and getting the entire graffiti off.


  1. Some graffiti's are more stubborn then others! If it’s like a chalky material that get’s off with a finger wipe will require less of a effort! You can see visually when the graffiti is going to come off fairly easy or if it’s going to be more stubborn! 

  2. The Chemical that we use for this service is strong. Be careful to not get some in your eyes and we recommend that you take a pair of our plastic gloves! 



On the Left you have a example of a before and after graffiti removal! As you can see it takes it all off! 

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