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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is a very satisfying service! It takes a bit of practice to do good lines with the pressure washer wand and get your tempo but it is very straight forward! 

Pressure Washer on Stairs


Pressure washing is also a common service. The thing you will mostly pressure wash would be residential steps, walkways with black stains or drive ways is also a popular one. There is really no process except applying the chemical is green or black and pressure washing it. You really just want to make sure you follow your lines so that it does not look weird. For smaller jobs you’d use the “wand gun” and for large surface areas you’d use the “Surface Cleaner”. Always make sure to turn on the gas switch, put the machine in choke and crank it up..


Every machine will have a pressure gage so that you know how strong your psi is, 0-4000 psi. Now this is very important if you pressure wash concrete you can use the whole 4000 psi it won’t damage it. If you are pressure washing a wood deck it won’t happen often occasionally we will do them do not exceed 1200 psi! It could damage the deck over this psi limit. I highly recommend that you check out the video I linked below so you get a good understanding on how pressure washing works! Copy and paste the link in the browser.

Backyard Washing

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Pressure Washer Wand 

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