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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is also a very popular service and you'll be doing lot's of them! That's why it is important that you are comfortable being on a roof, working from ladder's and setting them up! 

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Step 1

1.Before starting the job try to go around the house again to find the best spot to place the ladder if you can get on the roof! You always want the ladder next to the water connector of the house so that you can easily bring the water hose with you up the roof.

2.Always use the ladder standoffs to avoid damage on the gutter face if you can tie down the ladder on the gutter especially on a windy day. 

3.Once on the roof we pick up most of the debris inside the gutter that we can with our gutter scoops a put them in our 20 L buckets.

4.Once most of the debris is gone rinse out the gutter from one end to the other make sure to rinse towards the downspout so that all the remaining debris get’s flushed out at the end of the drain.

5.Very straight forward service on the next page I included some stuff to be mindful about while doing this service!


  1. If the roof is to steep for you to get on do it from the ladder this will take a lot more time but it’s your safety first.

  2. If the roof is high up and a little bit steep We have anchor kits in every truck for you to tie up.

  3. Carrying loose objects on the roof buckets, water hoses, gutter scoops etc. These loose objects can fall and hit something on the ground and cause damage! If there is a car on the driveway making you nervous please avoid the damage & ask the home owner to move it to prevent this situation!

  4. Sometimes the hose can be swinging around on the ground while you're on the roof & can hit   decorations on decks or other things it’s always good to have your partner keep the hose in line!

  5. When you fill up all the 20L buckets available to you in the truck will be about 10 we go at Eco 360 dump in berry mills to dispose of them! We never dispose them in the woods or illegal spots.

Climbing a Ladder


Gutter Clean can be very messy! If the gutter is full when picking up the stuff or rinsing the gutter it tends to leave some mess. Like black water on the gutter or fallen debris on decks or other areas that may have been effected. Also the end of the downspout is mostly full of junk from rinsing so make sure to pick up what’s left. Just be mindful of the mess it can make and do your best just to give it a quick rinse after and pick up stuff that might have been dropped by mistake!

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