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Our Number One Service

House Washing

This is our number one service that we offer, you'll be doing a few houses per day. These are the basics steps of the process. Every house is different and as you get more experience on the work field you'll find your groove and confidence. We've invested in brand new machinery to increase job quality and effectiveness make notes if you want! A lot of questions will be on the questionnaire about this service! 


Step 1: Prep Work

  1. At the house you & your partner should go around the house to get a basic scope of how you are going to do the job. It’s your teams decision if one starts in the back of the house & the other in the front. I’d always start with the dirtiest part of the house.

  2. When going around the house make sure to find the water source because you are going to connect are soft watch unit located in the truck box to the houses water supply.

  3. Before Starting to clean the house make sure all windows and doors are closed!

  4. Important point every house has plants or other vegetation if you can move the plants further away from the house before starting then do it! If there’s a garden or fixed plants always make sure to rinse them before you apply the chemical on the siding and rinse them after your done to minimise the contact on the plants just do your best!**

Step 2: Important Details

1.It is very important to know that when cleaning a house you always start top to bottom never the opposite. Gutter Faces, Facia, Trims, Beams, Soffit, Siding top to bottom, Window frames.

2.You never want to shoot the water straight up into the soffit or siding you want to go at a angle where it makes the water run down the training video will show this better. If you shoot water straight into the soffit it could send water behind in the attic!

3.It’s also important to always do a section at a time. If you have a long wall instead of doing the full wall divide it into two sections do the left side first then do the right or vice versa.

4.On warmer summer days when the sun is shining hard on the siding this is very important you always need to be rinsing a lot! Rinse before the chemical and rinse after if you’re sure that you rinsed enough continue rinsing for a extra minute! If you don’t rinse enough or you forget to rinse the sun shining hard on the siding could potentially dry out the chemical on the siding and windows!





Window Frame


Gutter Face



Step 3: Process

  1. Pre rinse the entire section you are cleaning top to bottom. Rinse the gutters, siding & windows.

  2. Apply the cleaning solution(Sh12%) to the gutters, soffit, siding & window frames. Try your best to not spray directly on windows if so just rinse them after you applied the solution.

  3. Depending on how dirty the siding is let it settle for about 1-2 minutes.

  4. If you see it start to disappear great rinse the entire section top to bottom until the gutters, soffit, facia, siding & windows are nice and clean!

  5. Most of the times the gutters & soffit will require a little brushing with our water fed poles that will be shown on the video!

  6. Repeat this process until the house is done once you get into the rhythm it goes fast!

  7. Once all the cleaning is done it’s time to clean the windows properly to get the solution off & to leave it with a nice finish.

  8. To Clean the windows you’ll have to connect a water fed pole to our water purifier so the ppm is at 0 the simply brush every window and rinse them thoroughly.

  9. This may seem like a lot of steps but after your first week you’ll start to get the hang of fairly quick!

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