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Our Story 

Our Company Started March 2020 , Pre-Covid 19. Despite timing, Our Company Strived more than ever as our customers noticed and valued the Need/Want for our services. 2023 Our Company has now tripled in Size and still growing and adapting to the Greater Moncton High Demand For Property Services. 

Handyman on the Phone


Our mission is primarily around customer service. In the cleaning industry is it  very important to check all the boxes before leaving the property. As you'll see in the coming page we reward hard work! 


Our Company has been in growth mode the last three years. Providing excellent service and building a great & friendly reputation! We want to build great teams and make the work environment as enjoyable as possible. We have quite a few services that will be taught to you via the next training manual that will go in dept on each service and what we expect from you on a day to day basis! These Services are mostly physical work. We invested in new equipment to make it a lot easier on the body. We our very opened to new suggestions in the future to better our systems and communicate different idea’s to make us more efficient and make more progress. In the next slides we’ll be discussing benefits, growth and the next step you’ll take to becoming a gorilla technician! We have installed ways to grow in the company the more experience the more you get compensated. We want someone who will show up every day and strive to do their best at every job. This is the vision we have for the future and where happy to share it with you.

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