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Welcome To the GorillaTrainingProgram

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Be part of a growing team!

Be part of a growing organization in the heart of Greater Moncton! If you enjoy caring for and maintaining clean properties, this is the perfect opportunity for you! As a gorilla technician, we strive to give you all that is necessary to succeed! You will learn something new every day, and you will build a skill set that will follow you throughout your career!

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Our Services


Soft Washing

Step 1: 

To begin the process of becoming a gorilla technician, you'll have to click on the resume section of this site. You will see a survey questionnaire that you will have to answer. This questionnaire is so we can get a better understanding of who you are, and if you have the right qualifications for the position. After you have submitted the form you can send your resume to the email below the survey. If the survey is not answered we will not view your resume! If all is good we will book a 10 minute call with you to get to know you better! 

Job interview

Step 2:

Step 2 is all about our online training. If all goes good we will give you a  password allowing you to log on the site and proceed into our gorilla training section! There will be descriptions, techniques, videos and overall knowledge on all our services and customer interaction. You'll also get to see more of the vision that we strive for as gorilla's and the rewards you can get if you are one! 

Students looking at screen

Final Step 

This is the last step! You will get two days to study the material. After the time is up we will send you a questionnaire. The questions will be based around general knowledge on our services to make sure you understood the bulk of our material! If you receive 80% you've passed! We will get you equipped with gorilla branded uniforms and send you in the working field! You will get extensive training as well on the tools to build your confidence, quality of the jobs you do and efficiency! Click on the button below to start the recruiting process! Have a good year 2023! 

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